60x60 Vernissage


On Saturday, July 2, 2022, from 8 p.m., the Museum Bread and Art invites you to the vernissage of its film project "60x60" in Ulm.

"60x60" is a global film project that combines 60 short films of 60 seconds each (recommended time) by artists from different countries and cultures. The international film collage brings together the aesthetically very different voices on the overarching topic of food in political and cultural contexts. There are well-known artists as well as particularly exciting newcomers. Some artists take a more universal view of the subject, while others make a very personal or current reference, such as the Ukrainian artist Alla Georgieva, who reflects on the impact of the war on the lives of people in her country.

A collage lasting more than one hour is created from all the short films together, which will be on permanent display in the permanent exhibition from July 2nd to October 14th, 2022. In addition, the museum has invited three artists to conduct workshops with three different groups in Ulm; with 8th graders, trainees from the food industry and a cross-generational group. The results of these workshops – short films are also made here – will be shown at the vernissage and finissage in the exhibition hall.

On July 2, 2022, the Tel Aviv-born artist Shahar Marcus will present the results of his workshop with prospective brewers and maltsters from the Ferdinand von Steinbeis School.

The entire film collage can be seen in the museum for the first time that evening. This is celebrated with DJ Nico Bulla and Tel Aviv Sounds!

The finissage, for which the entire film collage will also be projected in large format, will be celebrated on October 14th from 7 p.m. with the artist duo honey and bunny and DJ Nico Bulla.

Admission to both events is free!
Drinks are provided.

Note for everyone who cannot travel to the Museum Bread and Art in Ulm:
It is possible to stream the films online from July 2, 9 p.m. CET to July 4, 9 a.m. and October 14, 9 p.m. to October 16, 9 a.m.
This is the access link: https://museumbrotundkunst.de/audio-video