Out of the box

The mobile exhibition

Out of the box deals with questions of nutrition, throws a spotlight on individual purchasing decisions and resources in a global context. Traditions are explored in a playful way and the meaning of a “community of solidarity” is considered. Ideas for shaping the present and the future build a bridge to art and culture. All of this “light-footed”, inspiring all the senses, challenging curiosity and the urge to explore.

The four topics are:

  • What will we eat today?
    surveys our shopping behavior. are we what we eat Categories such as “healthy” or “environmentally friendly” are discussed in the workshop, supported by audio inputs. It can be laughed at as well as discussed.
  • Who is sitting at the table?
    looks at rituals, table manners and communities. After visual impulses from everyday life and art, the workshop participants think of a special banquet, invite you to it and gather around an unusually laid table. They are asked to perform actions and rituals that question everything they are used to.
  • Who shapes our taste?
    addresses why industrial products look the way they do. Behind every form there are stories – and certain rules. It's about how the taste, color, shape, etc. of food are designed. And finally, you can become a “food designer” yourself.
  • How will we live tomorrow?
    puts ideas on the table for a good life in the future. Audio inputs tell of wishes and ideas for a future worth living in, before the participants present their own visions. At the end there is a game: Kosmopoly challenges decisions and inventions in terms of future generations. However, events also break out over the players that cannot be influenced.

The Mobile Museum also comes to you
for independent development on a visit lasting several days or with 2-4 topics for at least one workshop of 3 hours

Group size per workshop: 8-24 people
Space requirement per topic: 15-20 sqm
Time required: at least 3 hours
Target audience: adults

In the accompanying workshops, our everyday decisions are examined and thoughts for the future on this planet are developed and discussed. Also included: Free fantasizing, exchange, forming opinions, fun and team building.

The museum provides transport and set-up. Delivery to the front door should be secured. There are no other technical requirements. The workshop offer is led by qualified specialists from the museum.

We are open to all your questions and requests!
by mail info@museumbrotundkunst.de or by phone 0731-14009-0

The project is funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg in the "Kunst trotz Abstand" program.