Friends of the Museum

This association promotes and supports the work of the Museum of Bread and Art. The museum was founded in 1955 by the entrepreneurial Eiselen family and is supported today by the private foundation of the same name. The Friends of the Museum was founded in 1991 by those who made it their goal to support the institution both ideologically and financially in the realization of its comprehensive program.

As supporters of the museum, we are convinced that it is uniquely positioned to present the cultural contexts intertwined with both bread and food more generally and thus make an important contribution to the current social discourse. It is also a particular concern of ours that the history and tradition of the bakery trade be depicted here and its significance reflected in the present.

We support the museum financially in the organization of its exhibitions and in the expansion of its high-quality art collection. In particular, we seek to promote and expand the ambitious event and education program through our financial contribution. This enables children and young people in particular to immerse themselves in the world of the museum.

We are united by a common interest in the museum's subject matter and the joy of art. We actively participate in the museum's high-profile events and celebrations and see ourselves as multipliers of the museum's influence on cultural life, both in the region and beyond.



The Museum of Bread and Art - Global Food Forum is supported by the private Father and Son Eiselen Foundation and does not receive regular public funding. In order to be able to realize our ambitious program, we are pleased to receive donations, sponsorships, and endowments, which enable us to plan for the long term future.

We depend on sustained financial support for individual exhibitions, event series, outreach projects, and for the expansion and maintenance of our collection. In addition to being incorporated into the museum's promotional activities, we offer both project-specific collaborators and long-term partners the opportunity to become familiar with and use the museum as a place of cultural education, aesthetic experience, and social discourse.

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