Food as Confession

03.04.2022 – 19.06.2022

Food is more than mere caloric intake and sometimes transcends even tradition, culture, and experimentation. The rituals, rules, and restrictions associated with eating can be deliberate religious, political, and ideological confessions of faith.

A prominent example from Western culture is the Christian sacrament of Communion, in which Jesus' last meal with his disciples is reduced to bread and wine and ritualistically reenacted. The believer partakes of the Kingdom of God and confesses their faith by eating and drinking the "body" and "blood" of Christ.
The Last Supper has long been an artistic motif in its own right, and Leonardo da Vinci's famous version in particular is deeply engrained in our collective visual memory. Innumerable variations of this depiction have been created up to the present day, but many of the modern ones convey questions and confessions quite different from the original. This exhibition would like to present some of them.

Jewish and Islamic dietary rules and rituals are also presented, as well as other various confessions of faith related to food and eating habits.

Finally, an interactive section of the exhibition will invite visitors to make a "confession of faith" about their diet and eating rituals.