Bread and Nutrition

19 exhibits illustrate the social, cultural, and technological history of agriculture, nutrition, and bread. "Bread" becomes the focal point of our gaze: bread and hunger have been closely linked throughout human history. But the question of how to provide enough food for everyone is also a global challenge of the present and the future. When we take a look at bread and food, our culture and society become more understandable.

Brot: Kulturelle Perspektiven

Bread as Every Day, Art, and Cult Object: Isn't Bread Amazing?

Pieter Brueghel d. J. Der Sommer

Pieter Brueghel d. J. Der Sommer

Making Bread

The Shared History of Humanity, Art and Grain

The Air is Alive: Yeast

Granaries: The First Buildings

Ergot: The Devil in the Bread

You Are What You Do: Representations of Farmers, Millers, and Bakers

Hand and Machine

Landscape and Agriculture

Bread and Chairs: A Question of Form

Nahrung: Globale Perspektiven

The Eruption of a Volcano

How it All Started

New Foods and Brands



World Maps: The View from Above

Resources: Water, Land, Energy

Utopias for Life and Food

Hunger Today