Guided Tours


The Museum of Bread and Art offers visitors various guided tours, both of the permanent as well as the special exhibitions.

Interested groups are free to book any of the guided tours. The tour can then be tailored to the interests and needs of the visitors. The museum is accessible for guests with disabilities. A guided tour typically lasts about 60 minutes.

Public tours also take place on a regular basis.


65 € plus admission (max. 25 people)

Dine & Fine Art:
180 € (max. 15 people)

There is an additional surcharge of 10€ for tours given in languages other than German



The Overview

A guided tour that introduces you to the whole permanent exhibition. The tour presents a selection of the most important exhibits and examines themes such as the social, cultural, and technological history of agriculture, food, and bread. Issues such as global hunger and the challenge of feeding a growing population are also explored.

The Museum of Bread and Art – Short and Sweet

This compact tour of the permanent exhibition focuses on fine art and artifacts of special historical significance.

duration: about 45 minutes

Bread in Art, Culture, and Every Day Life

This tour takes a closer look at the manufacture of bread, land and agriculture, as well as the shared history of humanity and grain.

Feeding the World

The focus of this tour is on the prerequisites for change in the production and consumption of food. Bread and food more generally act as a microcosm through which one can better understand the wider global challenges which face us today and in the future.

The Art of Survival – A Tour of the Lives of Everyday Women

Numerous artifacts which depict women, were used by women, or relate to spheres of life that predominantly affected women. The guided tour uses these objects to shed light on the everyday life of women across different periods of history.

Bread in the Christian Faith

This tour focuses on selected exhibits, displays, and paintings which have a direct connection with the Christian faith.

Collection Highlights

There are renowned works of art on display at the Museum of Bread and Art and they are the focus of the art history tour, which offers visitors a broad and diverse visual experience. From exquisite still lifes and expressionist landscapes, to old master village scenes and contemporary video installations.

Art with a story

This tour focuses on stories, fairy tales, and poetry that relate to individual works of art and offers a literary-associative approach to viewing that art.

Dine & Fine Art

This special tour format consists of a viewing of selected works of art followed by a culinary experience inspired by the artistic motif. Examples include themes such as "Bread and Wine" or "Baguette".

duration: about 90 min.